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Migraines & Headaches headache pic(1)_1.jpg

If you have come to this site after reading our article in St. Louis Health & Wellness magazine or being referred by a friend ... welcome and we hope you get useful information  from this site!

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In the article (which you can read here) we spoke of various causes of headaches. Headaches that are caused by physical stress in the body will demonstrate certain identifiable postural characteristics. The images below demonstrate the cause of this type of pain.


Muscles will lock your body's posture in a stressed position in a protective response to injuries. These injuries are most often little everyday things that never were serious enough to go to the hospital but with time worsen. Many times we can recover on our own from these injuries ... but once in a while we don't!

When your spine looks more like the image on the right rather than the one on the left the potential for pain becomes greater day to day. crooked_and_straight_atlas.jpg
correction_1.gif Correcting the problem that locks the spine in this stressed position improves spasms, motion and most importantly pain levels. Massaging can provide temporary relief but when the problem is in nerve system function and not muscles then massage is not the answer.

When headaches are caused by food or other environmental sensitivities the mechanism is more difficult to identify. This is due to the fact that your body will respond to these toxins very slowly over a 48-72 hour period of time. Therefore, when you come into contact with these you may not get symptoms until the next day or the one after that. An elimination diet or blood testing can be performed to determine which substances you react to. The video below describes how this happens.

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