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Sitting at your desk all day can be a pain in your neck (or back)!

Remember to try to get up every hour or so for just a minute or two to allow your body a variety of positions rather than the same thing all day! If you need a reminder download this free workstation break timer to help you out.

'Brugger' Postural Relief Stretch

brugger_postural_relief_position.png brugger_postural_relief_position_reps.png

  • Sitting at edge of chair, feet and knees wider than pelvic width and rotated slightly outward.
  • Maintain a chin tuck, raise chest up, allowing spine to relax into a gentle arch.
  • Relax shoulders and rotate arms/hands so that thumbs point backward.
  • Hold, breathe, release and repeat throughout the day.

Pectorals Doorway

pectorals_corner_doorway.png pectorals_corner_doorway_reps.png

  • Face the corner of a wall or stand in a doorway.
  • Place forearms on edge of wall or sides of doorway.
  • Slowly lean chest forward into corner, keeping upper body tall.
  • Feel stretch in front of chest.

Active Shoulder External Rotation

active_shoulder_external_rotation.png active_shoulder_external_rotation_reps.png

  • Sit or stand tall with elbows bent to 90 degrees and hands in front of body.
  • Rotate shoulders outward, bringing hands away from each other keeping elbows tight to the sides.
  • Hold, bring hands back to start position and repeat.

Neck Retraction Seated / Chin Tuck

neck_retraction_seated.png neck_retraction_seated_reps.png

  • Sit tall with your shoulders relaxed.
  • Tuck your chin into neck and geltly slide head backwards.
  • Hold, release, repeat.

Scalenes Depressing Clavicle

scalenes_depressing_clavicle.png pectorals_corner_doorway_reps.png

  • Sit tall, placing one hand on opposite collar bone.
  • Turn head towards collar bone, look up and tilt head away towards opposite shoulder.
  • Use gentle pressure on the collar bone to increase stretch.

Traps Self-Traction

traps_self_traction.png pectorals_corner_doorway_reps.png

  • Sit tall, grasp back edge of a chair with the hand of the side to be stretched.
  • Turn head toward that same side and lean head and body away to feel a stretch in the side of the neck.

Levator Self-Traction Chair

scalenes_depressing_clavicle.png pectorals_corner_doorway_reps.png

  • Sit tall,  grasp back edge of a chair with the hand of the side to be stretched.
  • Turn head toward the opposite side and flex head forward ('nose to elbow').
  • Let body lean to feel a stretch in the back and side of the lower neck.

Standing Chest / Pec Release

active_shoulder_external_rotation.png standing_chest_pec_release_reps.png

  • Stand and place hands on lower back.
  • Breath in and raise sternum up while bringing elbows toward each other behind body.
  • Hold, exhale, feeling a release in the front of the chest and shoulders.
  • Return to start position. Repeat

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